The Interview

With a population of 1.4 billion, China lies in the very center of this turbulence and confusion. Every single action would trigger a global butterfly effect. „The Interview“ is a video installation trying to break into this stable enclosed communication system, and provide a glimpse of the cultural and ideological conflicts which occur inside, from the author’s own perspective, who has experienced the controversies while living in China and Germany.

Living in a world united by profit-pursuing investors and filled with various communication tools on social media, our daily network is so accelerated, that we have created an illusion, as if we were the real cosmopolitans living in a modern community where diversity is celebrated. Behind the fast-developing scientific and technical achievements lies an ever-more-restricted enclosure of information, a new kind of isolationism. As a result of user experience preference and personalized recommendation algorithms, we now receive information which is recycled and self-reflected within an enclosed system. The recognition of our own identity, as well as our perception and understanding of other cultures become even more manipulative.When trying to embrace the intellectualized future, we behave like clumsy toddlers bumping into a walking cart made of pins and needles.


Lü Sha
The Interview – A Video Installation

Hochschule Düsseldorf
Fachbereich Design
betreut von Prof. Holger Jacobs und
Prof. Reiner Nachtwey

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