Fashion Saga

Marina Uribe über »Fashion Saga«

»On the consumption thematic of fast fashion, I worked on a repeated cycle of purchases’ clothing. The map of the game is build on a loop, a road in a shop without ending, like a Mario Kart road. Our avatar is a giant hand that simply click on, to buy clothes.

Fast fashion is a production process used by big business of ready-to-wear clothing business (like h&m, zara..) to create needs for consumption. In order to give the desire to come back regularly and buy, shops are changing every month collections. Producing and diffusing collections that move quickly that is the purpose. Also, every two weeks, the merchandising is changing/mooving (the way you present clothes). The collections are so close to each other that they look almost just the same. Only colors, or patterns, or materials can vary a little to create new pieces.

This purchase area became special atmospheres, like temples of consumption. The fact I used video game and 3d, help me to report this artificial world, a virtual space above our reality.«

Marina Uribe
Fashion Saga

Hochschule Düsseldorf
Fachbereich Design
betreut von Oliver Salkic